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Current Campaigns


Minimum Wage Increase

Residents in the next most expensive states and cities have already fought to pass $15 "living wage" laws--and they won. It is past time for Hawai'i to do the same, because we believe that no one working full time should be living in poverty.


Red hill cleanup

Despite leaks and impending threats, the U.S. Navy and U.S. EPA have released no plans for cleaning up the leaked fuel at the Red Hill facilities, just 100 feet above O‘ahu's primary aquifer. We support legislation aimed at addressing this problem.

Marijuana Reform

Legalizing marijuana for persons over 21 would increase state revenue, create jobs, decrease our prison population, take money out of the hands of illegal drug rings and would not sacrifice public safety in the process. 


Pesticide buffer zones

In 2014, a Kauai County ordinance restricting industrial agricultural pesticide use around schools, hospitals and residential areas was struck down by a federal judge. YPDA supports legislation at the state level to implement these zones.


'Captive Labor' divestment

Hawai‘i's seafood is sold with the promise that it's caught by local fishermen. But the people who haul in the catch are almost all undocumented foreign workers, confined to American boats for years at a time without basic rights or protections. 



Houselessness is one of our most complex issues. The number of houseless in Hawaiʻi has grown in recent years, even as the economy recovers, leaving the state with 487 homeless per 100,000 people, the nation's highest rate per capita.


Hawaiʻi Tax Fairness

Hawaiʻi has the lowest wages in the nation after adjusting for our cost of living. We also place 2nd highest in tax burden on our low-income households. Faced with this one-two-three punch, 48 percent of our state’s residents are living paycheck-to-paycheck.


Workers' Rights

Workers' rights are human rights dealing with labor relations between workers and employers. In general, these rights have to do with negotiating workers' pay, benefits and safe working conditions. One of the most central is the right to unionize. 

Environmental Protection

Hawaiʻi's environment faces a number of threats to its resiliency and longevity, including pollution, invasive species, degradation from over population and a heavy tourism industry burden. We are committed to mālama ʻāina.