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Legislative Session begins. Our Fight continues.

A Living Wage For All Workers

YPDA is a member of the Raise Up Hawaiʻi coalition and, as such, will be pushing for legislation that incrementally raises the minimum wage each year to keep up with inflation and cost of living, meaning a guaranteed wage floor that covers the basic needs of Hawaiʻi’s workers: food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, education and transportation costs. Passing true living wage legislation this year is an imperative for keeping our generation rooted here, for providing a future for all those that come after us, and for rebuilding our critical economic base, the consumer.

A Justice System that works for all

The cash bail system contributes to our out-of-control incarceration rate by keeping thousands of people who have not been proven guilty of any crime (pre-trial) locked up behind bars each year. These people often lose their jobs, their houses and sometimes even their families, destroying lives for no good reason. It perpetuates inequity and makes a mockery of justice by creating a tiered system whereby the wealthy are able to buy their way out of jail, while the poor languish because of their inability to pay. YPDA is calling on the state to abolish cash bail and institute successful, data-driven risk assessment tools instead.

A Common Sense drug policy reform

It’s high time Hawaiʻi legalized adult-use recreational cannabis. Time and time again, attempts to ban certain behaviors result in abject failure. Whether it’s abstinence-only sex education failing to prevent teen pregnancies and the spread of STIs, or a ban on marijuana, prohibition never succeeds in curbing human behavior. People are going to use cannabis. It’s just a fact. By outlawing it, we are feeding an illicit black market, missing out on millions of dollars in revenue that can be invested in desperately-needed public projects, and doing an educational and public health disservice to our residents.


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