Membership Due

Membership Due


Paying this due helps keep YPDA strong, and makes you a voting member for all elections (regular and special) during the term in which is it paid. We recommend paying your dues ahead of the term’s regular election in August so that you can fully participate.

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YPDA members can elect to pay an annual membership due of $27 to support the organization. Members who pay this due gain voting privileges in the annual board elections and any special elections that take place during the term (August through July). The due can be paid at any time, though you will miss out on any elections that take place before your due is paid. Dues-paying members will also get access to discounts on ticket sales for YPDA events, as well as deals on swag, like YPDA shirts, stickers and more (store coming soon).

Members who would like voting privileges but cannot afford the membership due may apply for a volunteer’s scholarship by sending an email to with a written explanation of financial need. Applications for the volunteer scholarship will be reviewed by the executive committee on a case-by-case basis. Volunteer scholarships come with a commitment of volunteer hours in lieu of membership dues. Volunteer scholarship recipients will enjoy all the same voting rights and privileges of other dues-paying members as well as access to the discounted tickets and swag.