The human rights community has focused very narrowly on political and civil rights for many decades, and with reason, but now we have to ask how can we broaden the view.
— Paul Farmer


The purpose of the Social Justice Action Committee is to address civil rights issues relating to political, educational, social and economic equality, with an emphasis on women's, LGBT+ and minority rights in Hawaiʻi, the U.S. and abroad; to facilitate a free exchange of ideas and views regarding civil rights issues; to provide educational and training opportunities for organizers regarding both the appropriate enforcement of civil rights laws as well as the defense of civil rights claims made on behalf of the people; and to disseminate information on updates, emerging issues and best practices in the civil rights arena.


Committee priorities include: reforming our criminal justice system to reflect restorative, community justice solutions that end our reliance on incarceration; finding legislative and community-based ways to curtail domestic violence; reforming our healthcare system; finding multi-faceted solutions to curbing the houseless epidemic in Hawaiʻi; investing in public education; creating elder and family care solutions that help our aging population and working families thrive; fighting for LGBT rights; reforming our policies toward drug use, particularly with regard to cannabis; passing legislation that allows terminally ill patients in great pain to end their suffering and seek death with dignity; and making our government more open and transparent through good government reforms.

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